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PowerDot Presents: The Whiskey Throttle Show

The Whiskey Throttle Show presented by PowerDot at the TLD Saloon features the most prolific individuals in motocross racing. As the title sponsor we will be rewarding one lucky listener each month in 2019 with a free PowerDot. Enter to win below.

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PowerDot is giving away a Smart Muscle Stimulator in partnership with The Whiskey Throttle Podcast.

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Sights set on Championship

Adam Cianciarulo led a long amateur motocross career claiming championship after championship, but after stepping up to pro racing at the age of 16 he has struggled with setbacks due to injury. After an ACL surgery this year, he has put an emphasis on proper recovery and body maintenance which he knows is needed to make a championship run.

Reduce arm pump

Every rider has experienced arm pump, even at the highest level. PowerDot helps to reduce arm pump by flushing lactic acid and other waste from the fatigued muscles. Before you ride run the Warm-Up program or between motos run the Active Recovery program so that you ready when the gate drops.

Recover from injury

Whether it's an ACL tear like Adam or a nagging injury that is holding you back, PowerDot is here to help correct it. Muscle stimulation has been used for re-education and strengthening of muscles for decades by activating muscle fibers in a non load bearing way. Once only available in a physician setting, PowerDot is now giving everyone access to muscle stimulation from the comfort of their home...or tailgate.

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