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for Military

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PowerDot for Military

The training/recovery cycle is critical to a soldier's battlefield effectiveness. PowerDot for Military allows soldiers to perform at their highest level anywhere in the world.

Battle Ready

Staying mission focused and operationally ready is the soldier’s number one priority – the stakes are too high for anything less. PowerDot provides a customizable solution that helps keep service members primed and at their operational peak.

Continued Improvement

PowerDot Military’s custom compact case and lightweight pods are designed to survive the rugged environments that our soldier’s face every day.

Work on the areas you need to improve.

Be ready to operate at your highest level.

Give your body the rest and recovery it needs.

The Personalized Mobile App

PowerDot Military is controlled by a personalized and intuitive mobile app. Built to learn and track the metrics specific to each soldiers health, the mobile app provides a high level of function in minimal space. Smart notifications act as reminders for our soldiers to train and recover whenever time permits.