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Uniting people through sport in effort to promote physical wellness in a time when the entire world has been impacted by COVID-19. Without major sporting events and an inability to participate in local events, people are left with very few options for mental or physical stimulation. This event provides an outlet for not only participation in sport, but also a way for spectators to participate.

Riders will be faced with two separate goals in this challenge. The first goal will be to complete 100 miles in the month of July. The second goal will push riders to complete a total of 750 miles in the month of July. This format will require participants to strategize and prioritize recovery in order to compete over the course of the entire month.

Goal #1:
Ride 100 Miles

All participants that complete this 100 mile goal in July will receive the PowerDot Grand Tour badge for their Strava trophy case. You will also receive exclusive discounts and be entered into a raffle to win products from PowerDot, Whoop, AMP Human, KYOKU, and Stay Classy Meats.

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Goal #2:
Ride 750 Miles

Athletes willing to push themselves over 750 miles in July will qualify for a Grand Prize drawing of $6,000 plus the product package. Two runners up will also receive $2,000 each plus the product package. These huge prizes make this one of the largest and most unique Strava challenges ever

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The Global Leaderboard

This challenge will feature a global leaderboard based on total distance accumulated throughout the month. The overall leader at the end of July will be crowned the first-ever PowerDot Grand Tour champion complete with all of the bragging rights, receive a unique leader's jersey, and be invited for a guest appearance on Lance Armstrong's podcast TheMOVE.

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Terms & Conditions

By signing up for your challenge reward, you agree to receive a link to PowerDot's website and upon signup will receive PowerDot's newsletter for information on news, promotions, products & offers. For more details click here. Prize eligibility and fulfillment is at the sole discretion of PowerDot and will be distributed to qualified participants no longer than 30-days post the end date of the challenge. Open to participants 18+ in the US, EU, CA, & UK.