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PowerDot Announces the PowerDot Grand Tour

PowerDot Announces the PowerDot Grand Tour

Lance Armstrong Teams Up With PowerDot & Strava for Global Cycling Challenge

July Distance Challenge Offers $10k+ in Prizes to Cyclists


Carlsbad, CA – (June 19, 2020) – PowerDot, the global recovery tech brand, today announced their partnership with Lance Armstrong’s WEDU and Strava to launch the PowerDot Grand Tour, a worldwide cycling challenge during the month of July. In effort to bring much needed competition to the world of cycling athletes will compete on a global leaderboard in a distance-based challenge from July 1 – 31, 2020. Riders who complete 100 miles or 750 miles of cycling outdoors will be entered into raffles with a total cash purse of over $10,000, plus products from brands like PowerDot, Whoop, AMP Human, KYOKU, and Stay Classy Meats. The overall distance leader at the end of July will also be awarded a leader’s jersey and be invited to speak with Lance Armstrong on his top-ranking podcast, TheMOVE.


“Due to the pandemic much of the sports world is on hold, meaning athletes around the globe are searching for competitive outlets,” said Chase Novelich, Director of Marketing at PowerDot. .“ We brought this idea to WEDU and Strava with the goal of providing that outlet for cyclists, and have worked hard to bring it all together for the entire month of July”


Without major sporting events and an inability to participate in local events, people are left with very few options for mental or physical stimulation. This event provides an outlet for not only participation in sport, but also a way for spectators to participate. The event is free to enter and has been structured so that athletes of all levels can work towards one of three goals.


Participants who complete at least 100 miles in the month will be entered into a random drawing for a product package from PowerDot, Whoop, AMP Human, KYOKU, and Stay Classy Meats. Athletes willing to push themselves over 750 miles in July will qualify for a Grand Prize drawing of $6,000 plus the product package. Two runners up will also receive $2,000 each plus the product package. These huge prizes make this one of the largest and most unique Strava challenges ever, and is sure to bring in a large number of cyclists from around the world.


“We are excited to partner with PowerDot on their first challenge on Strava. Athletes of all skill levels will find it motivating, and most uniquely, recovery will be as much part of the strategy as turning the pedals over the course of the month” - notes Balazs Veress, Strava’s Director of Partnerships. 


Lance’s company WEDU will be hosting their extremely popular podcast, TheMOVE, during the month of July. Lance and co-hosts will be discussing moments from some of the more iconic days from his career as well as highlighting current challenge leaders as it moves throughout the month. Lance will also be inviting the overall distance leader at the end of July to be a guest on the show; and where he will present the leader’s jersey. A collectible piece of memorabilia from the first-ever PowerDot Grand Tour.


“I can’t wait to see people push themselves to the limit,” said Lance Armstrong, founder of WEDU. “Now more than ever people are looking for ways to compete, and the PowerDot Grand Tour is a great option.”


About PowerDot:

PowerDot is the world's first mobile and wearable smart muscle stimulation device; a powerful training and recovery tool that puts the therapeutic benefits of EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) at your fingertips. EMS uses electrical impulses to cause the contraction of targeted muscle groups. Used by elite athletes, professional trainers and physical therapists for decades, PowerDot now brings the proven benefits of EMS to everyone seeking increased performance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall health. Linked to your Apple or Android smartphone with a dedicated app, PowerDot is an easy-to-use wireless system optimized for the modern mobile lifestyle. To learn more, please visit www.powerdot.com.


Media Contact:

Lizzy Harris, PR Volt




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