Introducing the PowerDot Strig Pro™

Introducing the PowerDot Strig Pro™

Training is big. We’d argue that recovery is even bigger. Fitness is when you break your body down. Recovery is when you build it back up. We set out to find a new way to help you become the strongest version of yourself possible. Enter: Strig. This is muscle recovery elevated.

What is Strig?

Muscle pain and stiffness can strike at any moment — regardless of your age or fitness level. It might be a mere nuisance; or, it could be debilitating.

You might be experiencing discomfort after a particularly grueling workout, or maybe you just slept the wrong way. People commonly experience upper body stiffness from sitting at a desk too long, hunched over their keyboard and staring up at a monitor.

While time is a factor in healing, there are absolutely things you can do to speed it up.

What do you typically do when this sort of pain arises? Many of us will schedule an appointment with our physical therapist, chiropractor, or another type of medical professional. But this can get costly — not to mention that it’s also not the most convenient approach, particularly for people who are managing this on a daily basis. You need something you can more feasibly sustain and manage, something that’s easily available to you whenever you need it.

The solution, then, is to be able to address your muscle recovery on your own. That’s where Strig comes in.

Put simply, Strig is a self-massage technique that targets stiff and tight muscles.

More specifically, it’s Instrument Aided Soft Tissue Manipulation, or IASTM, commonly referred to as scraping.

IASTM for Muscle Recovery

IASTM targets myofascial restriction — meaning the limitations imposed by your muscle fibers and tissues. Here’s how it works.

IASTM helps to break down your tissues’ capillary beds, which encourages better nutrition to flow to those areas and supports cellular health. As a result, it induces healing and muscle recovery. Use this in conjunction with PowerDot, and you’re going to recover like a pro. PowerDot will work alongside Strig to increase blood flow, sending valuable nutrients that your muscles need to recover. These two tools combined can work magic for relieving soreness and elevating your recovery routine.

Scraping is also an effective way to counter scar tissue. Even though scar tissue is how your body heals, it’s a lot less flexible than healthy, uninjured tissue. By using IASTM on this scar tissue, you’re working on it at a cellular level to make it healthier.

What’s especially powerful about this type of therapy is that it can address whole body areas, as opposed to only specific parts. For example, if you’re experiencing knee pain, you can use scraping to work up into the quads, hamstrings, and calves. This maximizes the results, because pain very often isn’t isolated to one area. For example, you might be experiencing hip pain, but it could be the result of a problem with your quads, hamstrings, or lower back.

You can use IASTM in a broad range of scenarios, from strains and sprains to post-surgery areas to tendonitis.

The best part is that because this is a safe and natural approach to healing and recovery, the most drastic side effects you could potentially experience are slight bruising and mild soreness in the area you worked on. You reap the benefits tenfold, though. Scraping isn’t just about making you feel better in the present. It’s about setting you up for a stronger, healthier future.

What Makes Strig Different?

We wanted to take this one step further and leverage the benefits of scraping even more. So, we combined it with the power of vibration and microcurrent stimulation.

Using microvibration, Strig pinpoints and releases trigger points faster, deeper, and with less pain. In turn, this will help to loosen and lengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, reduce soreness and stiffness, and decrease pain. Imagine taking a muscle that’s all bunched up and tight and helping it to relax and stretch out.

The microcurrent stimulation works at a cellular level by reducing the electrical resistance of injured tissue, restoring its cellular capacitance. This can bring relief from joint pain and also encourage new nerve growth, in addition to collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and helps to fight joint pain and boost muscle mass and strength.

Of the vibration therapy devices currently available on the market, they’re often only accessible by professionals. We created Strig to be accessible to people like you who are battling muscle pain.

It’s made of 100% medical grade stainless steel, and not metal-plated plastic, like many other devices on the market. While plastic can be used clinically, stainless steel offers better durability and diagnostic resonance, and you can more easily sanitize it.

With Strig, you’ll get the same professional level of quality without the stressful price tag and inconvenience of traveling to your PT’s office.

Using IASTM properly is vital in seeing the results that you want. We’ll support you along your journey with tutorials and demonstrations to help you understand how to use Strig. Use the accompanying cream made of all-natural ingredients: beeswax, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, and olive. This helps Strig glide effortlessly across your skin, it repairs calluses and scar tissues, and it’ll even moisturize your skin.

Including Strig among your other healthy lifestyle habits offers significant results. Whether you want to be able to hit the gym harder or simply get out of bed without muscle pain, scraping with Strig can help. Your body experiences a lot of wear and tear in your day-to-day life. Help it recover and give it the support and care that it needs.

Shop Strig today, brought to you by the brains behind PowerDot.

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