Chris Gronkowski: From the NFL to the Shark Tank

Chris Gronkowski: From the NFL to the Shark Tank

The Gronkowski name is one that is known far and wide as one of the most athletically gifted families in the world. However, it doesn’t just stop on the field.

We are lucky enough to have connected with former NFL fullback, Chris Gronkwski. Chris played for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, and San Diego Chargers before retiring from football in 2013 due to an injury that put him on injured reserve before the season even started. After retiring from the NFL, Chris founded a company that makes high end stainless steel shaker bottles called Ice Shaker. You may have seen him and his brothers on Shark Tank where they received a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez.

In addition to that business, he and his brothers operate a few other businesses. All of which are dedicated to health & wellness with an emphasis on helping athletes take themselves to the next level. Something this family arguably knows more about than anyone else on earth. Due to the injuries he has sustained in his career the former fullback knows the importance of recovery as part of the process. PowerDot is a tool he says he can’t live without.

EMS or (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is something that Gronkowski used throughout his career. First introduced to it in college to treat an injury, he was amazed by the efficacy in treating his injury. Throughout the next few years it was something he used mostly for injury rehab. However, after using PowerDot’s at-home product it became a part of his everyday routine to help recover from workouts and proactively prevent injuries.

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With multiple businesses comes countless hours of work, travel, and leaves only a little time for self improvement. The PowerDot fits into that busy schedule to provide hands-free therapy from anywhere in the world. Something that is hugely beneficial for Chris and like-minded entrepreneurs around the world.

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