Wes, Customer Engagement Associate

Wes, Customer Engagement Associate

My 2021 goal: 

My goal is to keep learning- this year my goal is to sign up for an online class/workshop, read more and develop my existing and new hobbies! 

What I am leaving behind in 2020: 

Leaving my multi-tab browser window behind!!!

What I learned from 2020: 

I learned that by focusing on my accomplishments (big or small) helped me enjoy the little things and be more appreciative despite any challenges.

My go-to wellness routine: 

My renowned routine(in the office & at home!) starts with Tulsi Tea every morning.

Daily products I use: 

Headspace. I like this as a part of my morning routine.

My go-to use case for PowerDot: 

My go to is the potentiation and warm-up program. Our most underrated program (in my opinion) that I always recommend before any activity! Then I follow this up with a light recovery program after a soccer game or long bike ride.

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