Sue, Financial Controller

Sue, Financial Controller

My 2021 goal: 

My goals this year are to better prioritize and allocate my time.  I seem to put work first and have been reflecting on the lack of balance that causes in taking care of myself and those people I love.   I also really need to strive to soften my temperament and tone.  As an accountant I operate in a very black and white environment and miss out on the peace that can come from seeing, reacting, and expressing all the “colors” in between. 

What I am leaving behind in 2020: 

I am leaving behind the insane notion that I can please everyone.  Rather, I need to concentrate on pleasing those people who matter the most, first and foremost.

What I learned from 2020: 

2020 taught me that life and what happens in the world is not predictable or controllable.  I was really frustrated with the COVID-19 shutdown and felt that it was not fair that I had to follow “other people’s” rules.  Here we are now 10 months into it, and I have not lost any loved ones to the disease, I am healthy, and I am grateful to be able to work and provide for my family. 

My go-to wellness routine: 

Clearly I have lacked a wellness routine and have succumbed to the COVID-19 10.  I would like to make a commitment to getting outdoors and appreciating living in California.  I use to live close to an amazing lake with walking and hiking trails.  That lake was my zen place.  I need to find a new zen place close by.

My go-to use case for PowerDot: 

Working on a laptop at my kitchen table has caused some persistent shoulder tension.  Using my PowerDot for muscle stimulation really helps to relieve my aches.

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