Lonie, Strategic Advisor

Lonie, Strategic Advisor

My 2021 goal: 

My goal is to have a much more balanced approach to my family, work and health regimen. There were too many peaks and valleys in all 3 areas that it became extremely tough to step back, make a plan and start to execute a healthy routine. New Year, new approach, new routine.

What I am leaving behind in 2020: 

All of the negative energy that limits creativity and seems to creep its way into our souls thru media, toxic relationships and old lifestyles.

What I learned from 2020: 

All good things will come to an end, and all bad things will pass. Learn to weather the storm so the highs and lows aren’t as drastic to overcome.

My go-to wellness routine: 

My focus is always around core strength and cardio. After playing football for nearly 25yrs, I frequently battle muscle and joint pain from the constant wear and tear. My typical routine includes a lot of resistance bands, light kettle bells, single leg balancing movements and short intervals. Being a former player, I also get access to professional training at EXOS. They’re advanced methodology and staff really help keep the athletic mindset strong. I typically try to hydrate a lot and get as many vegetables in as I can. Easier said than done with 4 kids under 8! HA!

Daily products I use: 

I love all TB12 products for resistance bands and plant-based supplements, then mixing up the post workout shakes with my PowerDot Ice Shaker. In the mornings I’ll usually roll out the muscles or get some percussion therapy with the HyperVolt. Then in the evenings I’ll rotate the PowerDot to about 5 different locations before bed.

My go-to use case for PowerDot: 

My upper neck, lower back, shoulders, knees and forearms usually see the most love from my Duo unit. Rotating between these locations really help my prep for another day on the grind with the family, career and diet.

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