Kirsten, Partnership Manager

Kirsten, Partnership Manager

My 2021 goal: 

I have so many goals for the new year, but my 2021 goal is to be happy and healthy from the inside out. Eat healthier and cook more meals, drink more water (& less wine), save more money, be more active outside whether that be walks, hikes, skiing, biking (anything but running).

What I am leaving behind in 2020: 

Weekly Uber Eats.

What I learned from 2020: 

How to keep myself busy at home. Finding new hobbies and rediscovering old hobbies to pass time, including: reading, board games, puzzles, drawing, sewing, baking, Crash Bandicoot, at-home workouts, gardening, etc.

My go-to wellness routine: 

I’ve been going to F45 for over a year now. I love the switch off between HIIT/cardio workouts, to full body strength training, to hybrids of both. It’s quick, efficient, challenging, and fun.

Daily products I use: 

I typically wake up and workout to get my day started. I’ve been drinking Celcius each morning to give me that little boost of energy and motivation to complete my workouts either at home or outside at the workout studio.  


Sometimes drinking so much plain water gets boring. I’ve been adding Liquid-IV to one of my water bottles each day to enhance my hydration. It contains vitamins and electrolytes and tastes amazing. My favorite flavor is Strawberry, but passion fruit is another top contender. 

To help with stress and anxiety as well as better my sleep habits, which we’ve all faced during this pandemic, we bought a Gravity Blanket that has been a life saver. Since using it I’ve rarely woken up throughout the night, which has always been something I struggle with.

My go-to use case for PowerDot: 

My all time favorite use-case is for menstrual cramp pain relief. Putting the butterfly pad on my lower back and using the TENS program is immediate relief that allows me to go on with my day with little to no pain. 

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