Corey, eCommerce Manager

Corey, eCommerce Manager

My 2021 goal: 

This year I would like to improve my at-home regiment to be more focused on personal health. Breaking my work days into sections to give myself time for fitness, meditation, and nutrition. All-in-all having a more scheduled and healthy work day during these times. I would also like to take my weekends to do more hikes in nature. If everything stays closed that doesn't mean I have to stay inside all day. 

What I am leaving behind in 2020: 

I am very excited to leave behind daily sweatpants in 2020. I spent many days last year not changing out of my comfortable clothes and feeling like I wasn't my best. 

What I learned from 2020: 

2020 I learned a lot about myself. The main thing I learned is that I am more comfortable at home than expected. As a person who has a very active social life I thought 2020 would be the end of the world for me. Turns out I really learned to enjoy my time at home and being more to myself. 

My go-to wellness routine: 

Something I would suggest everyone to try (especially if you are working from home) is getting into the routine of morning smoothies or juices. I found that during 2020 I learned a lot about fruits, vegetables, and seeds that were beneficial for my daily productivity and digestive system. I am still learning but my general go-to morning recipe is: date, chai seed, banana, cacao, raw almond butter, almond milk, and protein. 

Morning smoothie recipe example.

Daily products I use: 

Ironically working from home in 2020 I really tried to limit my daily coffee intake. I noticed with a coffee maker in the kitchen I was drinking coffee all day long. I discovered MUDWTR which has been an amazing mushroom based alternative to daily coffee that still gives you increased energy and cognitive function. Another alternative to coffee I found was DØSE. This is a adaptogenic, nootropic, all natural replacement for doctor prescribed medicines that help daily focus. Lastly, I've grown quite fond of the average foam roller for mid-day rolling out.  

My go-to use case for PowerDot: 

For me, PowerDot comes most in handy when I am trying to not be as sore the next day. After a hard leg day I tend to solely use PowerDot for my quads. This helps me not only perform better the next day but to wake up less tight than I would on mornings I don't use it before bed. 


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