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Keeping our muscles moving is the key to keeping them healthy and reducing discomfort. The Smart Muscle Stimulator™ is your solution.

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"If you want to be a legitimate athlete and you want to recover the most efficient way, this is what is going to help." - Josh Bridges / Athlete & Navy Seal

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The common question:

TENS & NMES are vastly different. We break down the differences and help you better understand what you need for your own personal goals.

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Build strength, increase power and improve endurance by training your muscles to perform better.

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Reduce soreness and flush away lactic acid with the same technology physical therapists and athletes have used for decades.

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Feel better any time you want, everywhere you go, without everyday tightness slowing you down.

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Reduce muscle soreness

Learn how implementing PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulation into your daily routine can help relieve muscle soreness brought on by everyday life.



Powerdot is a FDA cleared, wearable app-based electrical muscle stimulator. With just a tap to your screen, select the muscle group you want to target so you can can get stronger, recover faster and feel better.

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